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FileMaker Pro

September 23, 2021

FileMaker Pro, the Jewell of Claris

FileMaker Pro is the best known Claris software. For more than 30 years, it has enabled low-code application designers to develop database-oriented applications with unparalleled flexibility.
With FileMaker Pro, you will be able to design powerful tools adapted to the specificities of your organization, from your Mac or your PC under Windows.

  • Create relational databases without even knowing about databases.
  • Design beautiful and easy to use interfaces (layouts)
  • Automate tasks by writing scripts without even knowing a programming language.
  • Integrate your application into your ecosystem and make it communicate with all your other tools.
  • Add, edit, print, export data
  • Find data using a very powerful search engine

You will then be able to upload your application on FileMaker Server -preferably hosted on fmcloud.fm- and collaborate with users under FileMaker Pro on the desktop and FileMaker Go on iOS devices, but also with others using the app directly in the browser thanks to Web Direct or all the other gateways offered by the FileMaker platform


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