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Revolutionary FileMaker Hosting.

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Secure Cloud FileMaker Hosting

FileMaker Hosting: Securely share your apps in the cloud.

Host up to 256 databases with instant setup in a secure environment. Let us handle everything for you: setup, security, offsite backups, and FileMaker license upgrades.

Have to speed up your old server?

Being bound to hardware means your investment depreciates from day one, while making upgrades complex and costly. Our cloud gives you the speed you are looking for, we take care of the rest for you.

Looking for a trusted partner and a reactive team?

Operating a critical business application requires more than simply infrastructure. You want a partner who is there when you need it, with professionals you can rely on for expert advice.

Need access to your data from anywhere?

Today, business needs to happen where you are, and let you use your mobile devices: at the office or at home, while on the road, using your computer or even your phone. Our cloud makes that possible.

Revolutionary FileMaker Server on Linux

Discover why the awarded best FileMaker Hosting Service is also the Most Affordable.

FileMaker Server on Linux / Docker…

FileMaker Server on Linux has revealed a new horizon. This game changing innovation means comparing the performance of Windows and Linux on comparable virtual machines (VMs) is now pointless. Our unique Docker implementation enables possibilities that do not exist with traditional deployment of software in a Virtual Machine.
Nick Lightbody published an in-depth study on the subject. His conclusion:

So how good is FileMaker Server running in Docker?

It is actually so good that the market for FileMaker Server Hosting will change when users learn about it.

…changes Everything

We have invested heavily in this technology, and our efforts combined with FileMaker Server on Linux allow us to provide a service that is simply not comparable to any other, and to offer it worldwide. We will spare you the technical details, but Docker containers require fewer resources than VMs to run and are easier to manage. This makes our job easier and translates to savings for you. Everybody wins!

FileMaker Server Anywhere in the World

Your FileMaker server, where you need it.

Our service is so portable that we are able to deploy it
in virtually any data center in the world.


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All our hosting plans include: off-site, secured backups, monitoring, reporting,
super-reactive support, optional FileMaker license management.

Top 7 reasons to choose fmcloud.fm

1. 3 times faster than classic hosting.

with outstanding stability. Thanks to our unique and awarded mastering of Docker technology.

2. Less expensive

than a local server!

3. Choose your commitment

Month-to-Month: sure! You prefer saving by choosing a longer term along with some licenses: we can do that too!

4. An available and reactive team

of real FileMaker and hosting professionals.

5. Deploy in less than 2 minutes

a fresh demo or a development environment. Just ask the chatbot!

6. Premium service included

Off-site backups, server updates… It’s all included in our plans!

7. Inexpensive additional development server

Using the same FileMaker license, deploy a development and/or a QA server for $39/month!

DEploy your 15-day free trial server now!

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fmcloud Best Seller US 5 users corporate - Pro
fmcloud Best Seller US 5 users corporate - Pro