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Video: Claris Award goes to the Best FileMaker Cloud Hosting Service

May 17, 2022

As announced a few months ago, 1-more-thing is proud to receive the Claris Award of Excellence for Best Innovation for its FileMaker cloud hosting service fmcloud.fm. What makes fmcloud.fm the best FileMaker hosting platform is, first and foremost, its unique mastery of the FileMaker Docker/Linux architecture, as well as its architecture-as-code orientation, which allows deployments, updates and maintenance tasks to be performed at the click of a button.

Since the official announcement of this award, not only has our platform grown with new end customers, but now other hosting services are switching to our architecture and technology, thus improving their quality of service.

Claris has recently released this video that we are happy to share with you.

Claris: “1-more-thing set the bar for partner innovation in 2021 with a next-generation hosting service, fmcloud:fm, using Claris FileMaker Server on Linux. The result: Customers more quickly and securely share apps from anywhere in the world.”

Originally published on Claris website

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