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Summary of our security policy

Because security threats are constantly evolving, details of our security policy are not included in our Terms and Conditions.
But of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t care about security. Quite the contrary!
Here’s a brief summary of our security policy. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. 

Backup policy

Backups of your databases are made:

  • every hour (8 copies) – Starter and Pro plans
  • every day (7 copies) – all plans
  • and every week (4 copies). So you can go back at least 28 days. – all plans

You can also download these backups using a free FTPs software such as FileZilla.

Nightly backups are encrypted and sent to Amazon’s AWS S3. We would be able to restore your data very quickly in the event of a disaster at the main data center. (part of our Disaster Recovery Plan)

High-end data centers

We work only in carefully selected high-end data centers operated by different suppliers around the world.

  • Tier IV (except Dallas, Tier III)
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Environment friendly (when more than one supplier meets our standards in a geographical area, the selection criterion is the energy source)

Network / data

  • Access to our network is controlled by a bastion
  • All connections to the server are SSL/TLS encrypted
  • The backup server uses FTPs protocol, which is also SSL/TLS encrypted.
  • We provide a free SSL certificate for your fmcloud.fm subdomain, and even for your custom domain!
  • We help our customers securing their databases by giving them clear and easy-to-follow contents such as this checklist.

External security audits

If you’re not a security specialist, this is the information you need to remember: to date, we’re the only FileMaker host to submit to external security audits.
This is a very costly process, but one that allows you to appreciate just how important security is to us.