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fmcloud.fm’s Personal Plan: Bridging the gap for FileMaker Server 14 Shared hosting users

May 10, 2024

FMCloud.FM’s Personal Plan: Bridging the gap for FileMaker Server 14 Shared hosting users

The Challenge of Legacy Systems

Legacy users of FileMaker Server 14 have faced significant challenges due to performance and serious security vulnerabilities, compounded by the discontinuation of shared server options starting from FileMaker Server 15. This change left small teams and individual users with the tough decision to either bear the high costs of dedicated servers or continue risking their data security on outdated systems.

Introducing the Personal Plan

fmcloud.fm’s Personal Plan provides a tailored and cost-effective solution for these users. Designed specifically for small teams, this plan allows them to upgrade to the latest version of FileMaker without the financial burden typically associated with more comprehensive hosting solutions. The plan ensures that users can access updated features, enjoy improved efficiency, and adhere to enhanced security platform, all while staying at a super low, flat rate.

Benefits of Upgrading

By upgrading to the latest FileMaker version through fmcloud.fm’s Personal Plan, users gain several significant advantages such as: 

  • Enhanced Security: Protection against vulnerabilities that are present in older versions.
  • Improved Performance: Users can experience faster processing and more efficient data handling.
  • Access to New Features: Users can leverage the latest FileMaker features that can dramatically transform their business operations and data management strategies.

Ready to Jump In?

Are you ready to leave the limitations of outdated software behind and embrace a future filled with enhanced capabilities? Don’t miss out—upgrade today and start enjoying the comprehensive benefits of a modern, secure, and efficient FileMaker experience. Start your upgrade journey with fmcloud.fm’s Personal Plan now!


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