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FileMaker 2024: AI and much more!

June 4, 2024

Claris has just announced the release of FileMaker 2024, a major new version of its low-code application development platform, packed with innovative features for both FileMaker Pro/Go and FileMaker Server.

FileMaker Pro 2024: AI-powered applications

Powered by artificial intelligence, FileMaker 2024 introduces seamless integration with large language models like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Llama. These powerful tools open up new possibilities for your applications, allowing you to perform precise semantic searches, visualize data intuitively, and even generate custom code.

Simplified navigation and enhanced features

Accelerate your productivity with Open Quickly, a new feature that lets you instantly access your layouts, scripts, and files. FileMaker 2024 also enhances the efficiency of JSON data processing with new functions and operators, while the FileMaker Data API can now perform write operations, providing greater control over your data.

Increased flexibility for transactions and server-side scripts

Handle complex transactions with greater precision with the ability to roll back transactions from within subscripts. FileMaker Pro on macOS and Windows now supports callbacks and notifications for server-side scripts (PSoS), enabling seamless communication between client and server applications.

Optimized performance and enhanced security for FileMaker Server 2024

FileMaker Server 2024 delivers faster server sessions and introduces HTTPS tunneling support for macOS and Windows environments. SSL certificate management is simplified with the integration of Let’s Encrypt, enabling easy installation of free SSL certificates for enhanced security (a feature that fmcloud.fm pioneered several years ago).

Granular access control and improved logging

Enhanced administrator roles in FileMaker Server 2024 provide granular control over database access, ensuring that each administrator has the appropriate privileges to manage specific databases. Server-side logging is optimized with the introduction of the Script Events log, Set Error Logging support for Web Direct and Data API, and more.

Middle East and Central Europe versions

FileMaker Server 2024 expands its reach with support for Middle East and Central Europe versions on Linux. Design interfaces for right-to-left languages and offer Web Direct interfaces in these languages to cater to a wider audience. Available from fmcloud.fm

Get started with FileMaker 2024 today

Watch the video below to know how to get started with FileMaker. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll have a trial copy of FileMaker Pro and a server installed in the cloud.

Note: This is a summary of the major new features. For a complete list of changes, please refer to the official FileMaker release notes.


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