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fmcloud.fm announces Claris Cloud

May 23, 2023

📢 fmcloud.fm, the next-generation #FileMaker hosting service, announces the immediate availability of its Claris Cloud, becoming the world’s first service capable of hosting the new Claris Platform, which includes Claris Connect and Claris Studio.

Just like with FileMaker, fmcloud.fm has successfully automated the deployment of Claris Server. This means that you can bring your own license (BYOL) or purchase one from fmcloud.fm and start working in the cloud within minutes.

Your Claris databases are instantly connected to the MongoDB tables in your Claris Studio account, allowing for seamless bi-directional integration.

With this advancement, fmcloud.fm further solidifies its technological edge and offers all FileMaker and Claris platform users a stable, secure environment at highly affordable prices.

💻 Experience the power of Claris Cloud on fmcloud.fm and unlock new possibilities for your FileMaker and Claris projects today!

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