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FileMaker Web Direct

FileMaker Web Direct (or WebDirect) is a Claris web technology that allows you to run a custom app directly in the browser, without requiring FileMaker Pro!

With FileMaker Web Direct, you don’t need any coding skill to run a complex, data-oriented app on the web. If you know how to design an app with FileMaker Pro, you can design an app for the browser! Just make your fmcloud.fm hosted FileMaker app available on the web in just a few clicks.

Last but not least, WebDirect runs on desktop browsers as well as mobile, and that includes the Android platform.

Supported browsers are Edge, IE11, Chrome and Safari.

Note that allowing users external to your organization to connect to your Web Direct published app may imply a different license type than the one you currently have. We can of course advise you on this.

Also note that designing a Web Direct compatible custom app requires a little knowledge of the differences between FileMaker Pro and WebDirect. Please read Claris Web Direct documentation.

What do I need to use Web Direct?

Web Direct is included in our Pro plan. If you have a Starter plan only, please upgrade.

On Pro plan, Web Direct is disabled by default, you can enable it from the Connectors tab or the admin console located at


You will need to enable both Web Direct and the Web Publishing engine. (2 switches)

FileMaker Server Admin Console: Enable Web Direct