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FileMaker is an extraordinary Low-Code platform

FileMaker 2023 logoIn fact, it has allowed us doing low code long before that terminology even existed!

One of the main reasons why FileMaker has been so successful for more than 30 years is the incredible talent Claris has when it comes to delivering complex technologies to users with no tech background.

Sometimes though, it is useful to understand the terminology, or at least what the various technologies and gateways included in the FileMaker platform can do for you.

By following these links you should be able to become familiar with all these strange words.


  • The Claris Platform
  • Admin API
  • Claris Connect
  • Claris Community
  • Claris Marketplace – a directory of FileMaker related products and services
  • Custom App: formerly “solution”. A FileMaker single or multiple file application containing the database structure, the UI (layouts), scripts, themes… and the data itself! FileMaker apps are designed to be easy to share, so everything resides in the same file. Just like a Word document contains text, styles, table of contents… and of course, the text!
  • Custom Functions
  • Custom Web Publishing (CWP)
  • Data API
  • Data Migration Tool (DMT)
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • FileMaker Pro. The desktop client (macOS, Windows). A single too to author and use your FileMaker custom app
  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker Mobile
  • FileMaker Pro Advanced – discontinued. FileMaker Pro is now the only desktop app.
  • FileMaker Server
  • FileMaker Server Script Engine
  • http server
  • Instant Web Publishing
  • iOS SDK
  • Linux, Ubuntu, Cent OS
  • OAuth, External authentication server (LDAP, SSO)
  • OData
  • Otto, by Proof+Geist
  • Perform Script on Server (PSoS)
  • Plugins
  • Privilege Sets and Extended Privileges
  • Scheduled scripts (SASE)
  • Two-machines deployment (Master/Worker)
  • Web Direct
  • Web Publishing Engine
  • Web server
    • Apache
    • IIS
    • Nginx