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FileMaker Server

September 9, 2022

FileMaker Server, the core of the FileMaker Platform

FileMaker Server (FMS) is at the center of the FileMaker Platform. This piece of software is responsible for protecting, sharing, maintaining and connecting your data.

Protecting: FMS secures connections to your data with modern authentication methods (OAuth, Active Directory, or FileMaker internal authentication system), using encrypted connections (SSL/TLS). It also encrypts your databases at rest, using AES-256.

Sharing: FMS allows you to share your data via various gateways: fmapp for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go, Data API (REST), OData (JSON/Atom), ODBC, php or XML. It also manages your containers data (binary files or BLOB). It embeds a streaming server, allowing the users to view audio/video contents while using their favorite app.

Maintaining: FMS can verify your databases and send a warning in case some maintenance must be done. It is also able to perform scheduled scripts or on demand (Perform Script on Server). Of course, backups of your databases and files and can be scheduled as well.

Connecting: the FileMaker platform is not an island. FileMaker Server is incredibly good at connecting your data to external sources, using ODBC, cURL and REST APIs and Webhooks. It can also export data in formats such as Excel (xlsx) or PDF.

For all these reasons and more, FileMaker is key to your success. That is why choosing a hosting service is nothing but trivial.

The online documentation can be found here.

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