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Linux Compatible FileMaker Plugins

Plugins are extensions that expand the FileMaker platform capabilities.

They can be installed on the client machine while using FileMaker Pro, bundled in the app package while using the iOS SDK, or installed on the server if you need to use them while running server side scripts (scheduled or PSoS, Web Direct, FileMaker Data API or OData).

The vast majority of existing plugins that run server side are compatible with Windows and macOS versions of FileMaker Server.

Because FileMaker Server on Linux is relatively new, not all editors have adapted their plugins yet. Here is a list of plugins that our clients use or for which they requested information.

Reminder: if you’re using plugins from FileMaker Pro, you don’t need the plugin to be compatible with Linux, even if your app is hosted on a Linux server. The list below lists only plugins that work on FileMaker Server for Mac or Windows.

If you notice an error or wish to add an item to this list, you’re welcome to post a comment!

Linux compatible Comment
MonkeyBread Software
   MBS Plugin YES
   BaseElements YES
   Excel for FileMaker YES
   bBox YES
   Mailit YES
   FileFire NO
X2Max Software
   xmChart YES
360 Works
   MirrorSync YES in connection with 360°Works’ service
   360Deploy YES requires our intervention to configure
   360Works Charts YES
   360Works CloudMail YES
   360Works Email YES
   360Works FTPeek YES
   360Works JDBC Plugin YES
   360Works Plastic YES
   360Works RemoteScripter YES
   360Works ScriptMaster YES
   360Works SuperContainer NO
   360Works Web Assistant YES
   Zulu YES requires our intervention to configure
   360Works Scribe NO
   Otto – read announcement YES available at $5/month/server BYOL or $15/month/server including license.
   Devin – read announcement YES Free during Devin’s beta phase
24u Software
   Simple File NO
   ToolBox YES
Troi Automatisering
   plug-ins are not Linux compatible (Feb 3/2022) NO


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