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FileMaker Data API

The FileMaker Data API, is a low level standard REST API (Application Programming Interface). It makes it easy for developers and third party to integrate with your FileMaker hosted databases.
A REST API is a http interface and uses JSON as a way to transfer data. FileMaker Server includes a node.js server that handles all requests very efficiently. Everything is installed with FileMaker Server. No additional complexity on your end.

The Data API supports authentication, CRUD operations as well as running a script, inserting/reading container data, or even get information on FileMaker layouts.

Claris Connect communicates natively with FileMaker Server via the Data API, but you can also use it to integrate with any service

What do I need to use FileMaker Data API?

All our hosting plans include the Data API gateway.

Your FileMaker license includes 24GB/user/year of outbound data transfer. Additional packs can be purchased separately. Contact us.

Read this document to better understand the outbound transfer limit.

The amount of outbound data is shared with OData, a FileMaker Server on Linux only gateway, supported by fmcloud.fm.

The official API documentation can be found on Claris web site.

I’m currently using the php API, how should I transition?

Unfortunately, Claris deprecated the php API. If you haven’t done so already, it is really high time to plan a migration. On Linux, and FileMaker Cloud, this feature has already been removed. And the Windows and Mac versions will follow that path.

Of course, this does not mean that your php web site cannot communicate with FileMaker data or trigger scripts anymore. On the contrary, it can do it more efficiently. At fmcloud.fm, we even have a couple of really nice features for that: you can host a php web site alongside your FileMaker database, and you can publish web resources directly from your FileMaker scripts!

So yes, if you would like to use our next generation FileMaker hosting service, it is now time to leverage your web project and switch to Data API.

The good news is… transitioning to Data API is really not that difficult!

To make things even easier, we recommend that you first replace the native php API with our acclaimed open source alternative. Once this is done, switching to Data API is done in a blink of an eye. Do not hesitate to contact us, we’ve done so many migrations… we’d be glad to help.