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Exciting news! Due to FileMaker 2023’s immense success, fmcloud.fm changes update policy

April 27, 2023

We are known for our cautious approach to FileMaker Server updates, but we are thrilled to announce a temporary change to our policy in response to the incredible demand for testing of FileMaker 2023 in just 48 hours!

Existing servers: update from e-mai

For all existing servers, you can now choose to update immediately. You received an e-mail on April 25, just after the official release of FileMaker 2023. By clicking a button on that e-mail you can request an update that will be applied nightly.

Amazingly, nearly 10% of our clients have already applied the update, without any rollbacks so far!

New Servers: FileMaker 2023 by default

For new servers deployed via our online form or chatbot, FileMaker Server 2023 will be deployed by default, but you can always request a downgrade if desired. We can’t wait to see the performance of this new version and share it with you!

Here is how to deploy a free trial using the chatbot:

A few reasons to choose fmcloud.fm:

  • fmcloud.fm is the only FileMaker hosting provider to offer a Docker architecture, which enables:
  • incredible performance (up to 3x faster than traditional offerings)
  • an unbeatable performance/price ratio. Compare and see for yourself!
  • fmcloud.fm is the only hosting provider we know of to offer the new Claris Platform, which is essential for leveraging Claris Studio.

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