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Exciting News for Small Teams: FileMaker Hosting for 1 to 4 Users

May 3, 2024

Exciting News for Small Teams: FileMaker Hosting for 1 to 4 Users

fmcloud.fm proudly announces the launch of the new Personal Plan, tailor-made for small businesses with one to four users. For just $29/user/month (billed annually), this plan offers an affordable way to host your databases at a nearby datacenter, including a FileMaker license!

The gap from 1 to 5 users is finally bridged

Previously, Claris offered hosting only for larger teams of five users or more. Our new plan fills this gap, ensuring smaller teams can also enjoy professional hosting services. For example, instead of purchasing an individual FileMaker Pro license for $540 USD, you can host your database with us and access it from anywhere using FileMaker Pro, Go, or Web Direct, for $350 only per user/year.*

*Please note, the prices may vary by country and currency, and are subject to change.



Price per month billed annually

Total per year

1 user  Personal $29  $350 
2 users  Personal $29 * 2 $58  $700 
3 users  Personal $29 * 3 $87  $1050 
4 users  Personal $29 * 4 $116  $1400 
5 users  Personal $29 * 5 $145  $1750 
5 users  Standard $49 + $16.5 * 5 $132  $1578 
5 users  Pro $59 + $16.5 * 5 $142 $1698 

The Personal Plan includes up to five database files, access via FileMaker Pro/Go, Web Direct, Data API and OData interfaces, and backup services. It’s important to note that this plan is an entry price and does not include ESS, ODBC/JDBC, custom domains, server-side scripting, or plugin installations.

Do you need more?

For those requiring more robust features, fmcloud.fm offers pro-rated upgrades to higher plans, ensuring your hosting can grow with your business.

Want to try it out?

Click here to get instant access to your Personal Plan.

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