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Devin: A Game-Changer in DevOps, Now Supported by fmcloud.fm

January 18, 2024

fmcloud.fm is thrilled to announce the integration of Devin, a cutting-edge DevOps tool, into our hosting services. This partnership marks a significant step in simplifying and enhancing the development process for our clients.

Discover Devin: The Ultimate DevOps Platform

Developed with the modern FileMaker developer in mind, Devin revolutionizes the way you manage your development lifecycle. It’s not just about deployments and migrations; Devin offers a comprehensive suite of features that supports the entire DevOps process. From version control with branching and commits to regression testing and automated deployment pipelines, Devin integrates all steps in your workflow.

Devin UI

Efficiency and Collaboration Redefined

With Devin, experience a seamless workflow in a shared team workspace. Team members can easily work on the same branch or test things on isolated branches, working together in a transparent and safe manner. The server and file monitor window streamlines management, reducing the need for multiple Admin Console tabs in your browser.

Exciting Future Enhancements

Looking ahead, Devin is set to introduce a Logging API/Plugin, more advanced version control and much more, promising to further elevate its capabilities.

Seamless Integration with fmcloud.fm

Devin’s compatibility with fmcloud.fm means you can now leverage this powerful tool in a robust hosting environment. If you’re ready to transform your DevOps experience with Devin, just let us know, and we’ll set it up for you.

Embrace the Future of FileMaker Development with Devin and fmcloud.fm

Join us in this exciting journey as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the Claris ecosystem. With Devin and fmcloud.fm, the future of development is here, and it’s more accessible and efficient than ever.



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