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Claris Connect Is Available From fmcloud.fm

March 3, 2020

Claris Connect: the new integration/orchestration platform by Claris

Today Claris made its new integration/orchestration platform available: Claris Connect.

During DevCon 2020 in Orlando, Brad Freitag (@bradfreitag), CEO of Claris International announced the acquisition by Apple/Claris of the Italian startup Stamplay.

A few months later, Claris Connect is born! This new platform allows you to create and automate very complex data workflows in minutes… without any technical background.

What was requiring several days of development to integrate various web services can now be accomplished very easily, including logic, error trapping, data transformation…

Giuliano Iacobelli

Giuliano Icacobelli (@Giuliano84), founder of Stamplay & Fabrice Nordmann (@FabriceN), 1-more-thing

Watch this video by Romain Dunand (@airmoi), and enjoy!

In this example we will integrate a WordPress powered web site with WooCommerce plugin, a FileMaker Server hosted database and Office 365. Note that Claris Connect is independent from FileMaker software, used here as an example only.

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