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Before-Upload Checklist


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Some settings behave like global field default values and cannot be modified once a file is uploaded to a host. Of course you can always download it and re-upload later on, but it is always a good idea to know what to expect.

So here is a checklist of the things you might want to pay attention to before uploading your files. This checklist is an addition, not a replacement, to the security measures you should take. 

File Options

  • enable/disable spell check

Layout mode

  • Check that the layout mode tools do not have unwanted default settings
  • Share the guides that need to be shared
  • Define the desired setting for guide magnetism (on/off)
  • Define the desired grid setting (magnetism, display, main/secondary grid pitch)
  • Set the unit of measure to pt
  • Set the display options in the View/Show/ submenu (image: recommended settings)
  • With these settings, save the layout
view Submenu


  • Path of external data sources (several files) relative and pointing to the same folder
  • Check the sort order (alphabetical) of the following items:
    • Tables
    • Fields
    • Value lists
    • Custom functions
    • Privilege sets
    • Within the custom privilege sets: layouts, scripts, tables, fields

The following items will potentially be included in a closing script

    • Make sure global fields do not contain unintended defaults values. Our recommendation is to empty globals in the closing script (onLastWindowClose)
    • Go to a table layout with few or no records, regardless of the startup layout selected in the file options before closing the file (improve the loading time)
    • Move the window to the top left of the screen before closing the file

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